Co-Op/Intern Program, a division of KM Limited, and its employees, have provided Co-Op and Internship programs for undergraduate students since 1995. Over the years students from several Universities have worked with us to gain experience in the following areas

  • North Carolina State University: Chemical Engineering and The School of Textiles; Life Cycle Assessment and web site development.
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Intellectual Property; Life Cycle Assessment and web site development.
  • Duke University: Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science; Alternative Energy Distribution Methods.
  • Regent University: School of Law.

"Working for provided me a unique opportunity to learn about IP, and more specifically patent law. From the beginning, I was involved with several projects that required me to research existing patents, and valuate patents. Because of the small size of the company, I had many responsibilities, and Dr. Grune allowed me to "get my hands dirty" rather than push papers. The unique environment of a small business required daily interaction with the company's principals, forging strong business and personal relationships. Dr. Grune encouraged me to learn as much as possible about IP during the summer, and he created an environment that was conducive to that end. I have developed a strong knowledge base about prosecuting patents that adds to my skill set and expands my marketability. I will attend law school in the fall, and I think that the summer I spent at will be invaluable if I choose the path of patent law."
Doug Plante, B.S. ChE, Virginia Polytechnic Institute

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