Disclosing your Invention

Prior art search report - determine the feasibility of patenting the invention based on what others have published/patented/invented/sold/or used in the past. This is highly recommended before initiating the patent process.

Patent Mapping and Strategic IP Planning - provide prior art analysis and assistance in enabling inventor(s) to understand direction, quantity, and strategy of others working in your field of endeavor. Establish proper direction and strategy to achieve short term, intermediate, and long range IP goals.

Assistance with defensive publications - working with our partner - www. IP.com - ensure that peripheral inventions based on your core patents, trademarks, and copyrights are published so that others may not practice or exclude you from practicing the invention/inventive concept.

Assistance with and filing of U.S. Patent and PCT (International) Applications. This includes all necessary work to write the application, including the specification and claims (and rough sketches of the drawings) as well as filing the proper USPTO forms (additional charge for each USPTO form filed). EPAVE asssitance with the USPTO electronic system will also be provided.

Licensing Policy: Our policy regarding licensing is that as members of LES (Licensing Executive Society) we can provide assistance to firms and inventors but have no interest in equity positions.

Inventor's Disclosure Form

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