Services Provided

We have found that our clients are increasingly using the internet and e-mail to communicate effectively. If you prefer to speak with us directly, please do not hesitate to contact us at 757-570-1921. This page is intended to assist our clients.

1. Prior art search report - determine the feasibility of patenting the invention based on what others have published/patented/invented/sold/used in the past. This is highly recommended before initiating the patent process.

2. Patent Valuation - Determine value of your patent based on the following approaches:

  • Market valuation
  • Licensing revenue
  • Discounted cash flow and patent value business analysis
  • Modified Black-Sholes option pricing model

3. Patent Mapping and Strategic IP Planning - provide prior art analysis and assistance in enabling inventor(s) to understand direction, quantity, and strategy of others working in your field of endeavor. Establish proper direction and strategy to achieve short term, intermediate, and long range IP goals and assist with licensing arrangements catering to your needs.

4. Assistance with defensive publications - working with our partner - www. - ensure that peripheral inventions based on your core patents, trademarks, and copyrights are published so that others may not practice or exclude you from practicing the invention/inventive concept.

ePatentManager provides no legal services.