Expert witness for patent litigation & infringement

Expert witness for patent litigation & infringement

Expert Witness Services 

Dr. Grune and his network provide Expert Witness services for law firms and individuals that require our extensive knowledge and experience with several technologies.  To date, Guerry (and in some cases members  of his team) has testified and/or provided deposition for several different law firms and individuals in litigation involving these technologies;

  • Electrophotography
  • Optical fibers, wire and cable and connectors
  • Athletic apparel including athletic shoes
  • Ammunition and fire arms
  • Biofuels and chemical compositions
  • Gas Tanks for vehicles and aerospace applications
  • Deicing fluids
  • Semiconductor microlithography
  • Road pavement, road markers
  • Adhesives
  • Oil and gas production
  • Robotics

With expertise in these and other technologies, Guerry has been instrumental in properly asserting IP rights resulting in winning several multi-million dollar lawsuits for his clients.

In some cases, Guerry has provided patent preparation and prosecution expertise during civil and patent litigation. This has been especially useful for IPR (Inter Partes Review) cases held before the USPTO since 2014.

There is no fee for an initial consultation with Guerry for expert witness/litigation matters.

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