Patent preparation & prosecution

Patent preparation & prosecution

Patent Preparation, Prosecution and Overall IP Strategy

  • Patent preparation is the searching for and writing of the application for your invention. Patent prosecution is the representation of your application before the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) by a registered patent agent or patent attorney.
  • There are certain steps involved in obtaining a patent that include: Conducting a patentability search on the invention. Preparing a disclosure of the invention. Preparing and filing a formal patent application in the USPTO. Prosecuting the application in the USPTO. Finally, and hopefully, (with a 98+% success rate)  issuing a patent.
  • Inventors may obtain a patent without the assistance of a patent lawyer or agent if they wish.  However, ordinarily this is an unwise course of action.  Patent law and procedure are complex and valuable legal rights can easily be lost if the patent application and prosecution of that application are not handled carefully and by one skilled in such matters.

1. Prior Art Search Report and Patentability Opinion – Determine the feasibility of patenting the invention based on what others have published/patented/invented/sold/used in the past. This is highly recommended before initiating the patent process.

2. Patent Mapping and Strategic IP Planning – Provide prior art analysis and assistance in enabling inventor(s) and assistance in enabling inventor(s) to understand direction and strategy required to achieve short term, intermediate, and long range IP goals and assist with licensing arrangements catering to your needs.

3.  Assistance with defensive publications – Working with our partner – – to ensure that peripheral inventions based on your core patents, trademarks, and copyrights are published so that others may not practice or exclude you from practicing the invention/inventive concept.